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Elan Medoff



  • Typescript
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • React
  • Next.js /pages
  • Next.js /app
  • React Query
  • Redux
  • Node.js
  • Git
  • Bash
  • Lua
  • Redux Toolkit
  • MongoDB
  • Prisma
  • OAuth
  • Deno
  • Java
  • Python
  • OCaml
  • Ruby on Rails


Senior Software Engineer (Wealthfront)

Lead of the Web Engineering Platform

Software Engineer

Junior Software Engineer

Software Engineer Intern

  • Oversaw quarterly web infrastructure goals by orchestrating the selection process and encouraging engineers to opt for impactful and feasible projects
  • Collaborated with a cross-functional team of engineers, designers, and project managers to launch several flagship investment products; acted as the engineering lead for several initiatives
  • Standardized data fetching patterns in the web codebase with React Query and a number of custom utilities and wrappers; led the migration to adopt these new tools, improving perceived data loading speed and reducing code complexity significantly
  • Participated in the web on-call rotation, troubleshooting and resolving various production issues and ensuring a high-quality user experience
  • Conducted interviews for prospective engineers, assessing their coding and conceptual skills

Personal projects

  • An NPM library to safely and effortlessly read / write to URL search params
  • Includes a variety of options to sanitize, parse, and validate the search param, support server-side rendering, gracefully handle errors, automatically delete empty search params, and more
  • For a lightweight, read-only interface, see use-search-param
  • A personal tech blog with 15+ articles on topics such as programming with React, Next.js, and Typescript, customizing NeoVim into a fully-fledged IDE, and setting up continuous integration
  • Includes OAuth with Github (manually implemented), server-side data fetching with client-side optimistic updates, shareable URLs with automatic scrolling, and more
  • Built with Next.js, Typescript, Tailwind CSS, Prisma, React Query, Framer Motion, and Playwright


Johns Hopkins University

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (3.83)